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You want results. We want you to get those results. If you are happy, then you will keep using us and you will refer us. That's why everything that we plan and deliver is geared to ensuring not only a stable and transparent relationship, but results which consistently impress.

Campaign objectives can be wide and varied. Not every client needs, or wants the same, which is why we tailor and focus on just the important.

Our customer journey is meticulously designed to keep you informed and capture any nuances to each campaign. The level of weekly reporting and exposure to your liaison manager means that you constantly have what you need to understand how your campaign is progressing and the efforts underway to ensure your success. It's not our job to 'win you over', it's our job to 'keep you over'.

Perhaps you'd value our help to:

  • Devise clear campaign deliverables
  • Validate your contact’s interest level
  • Confirm renewal dates
  • Find relevant replacement contacts
  • Positively increase your brand awareness
  • Identify tender opportunities
  • Nurture and create mind share
  • Underpin your inbound and outbound campaigns
  • Qualify prospects to BANT level
  • Create and confirm appointments
  • Provide primary market feedback
  • Offer campaign optimisation
  • Give insight into customer comments

Integrated campaign planning & delivery

Telemarketing underpins Sales and Marketing campaigns by adding skilled communication experts from prospect to conversion. Integration is the key, found a DMA survey, with 81% saying that they improved campaign performance when they combined telemarketing with another channel. Over 50% of buyer prefer to talk when making a purchasing decision and the survey confirmed the top five reasons that telemarketing is used in B2B activities:

Generate Leads










Event registrations & follow up

Events mean different things to different people. To some they showboat the brand or launch new products, to others they present opportunities to build relationships or nurture prospects or even sign the deal.


Whatever the mix of agendas, one thing is true….you must have a great level of attendance. In a culture where ‘free’ events can easily be usurped from an attendees diary, it is critical to consistently build and maintain the message that attendees need to come. But it’s even more than that. Getting them there takes clear value propositions and repeated messages reinforcing whet they will learn.


Keeping them warm after the event and nurturing them while the sales team are chasing down the hot prospects adds a crucial long-tail to the ROI of the event. Sales and Marketing cannot survive with ‘one-hit’ campaigns and event management is a great example…get them there, make it worthwhile and continue with world class follow up.

Prospect qualification, nurturing & conversion

It’s not ‘if’ they will buy, but ‘when’. Getting to the right people is an art, a specialised skill. Most businesses recognise the value of staying in touch with prospects. If they’re not yet ready to buy, then nurture them.


Keep them informed, offer them intelligence, differentiate yourselves in an often crowded marketplace. Respect what they want and you’ll have a friend for life. Abuse them and badger them and they will run a mile. With data regulations tightening, you need to have a resilient process for prospecting and managing through the sales cycle.


It’s all about having a deep funnel of opportunities which are ripening and ready for Sales engagement. Telemarketing, when used as a part of the campaign consistently delivers better results. 92% of a survey by the DMA agreed, with B2B results indicating an 11:1 ROI.


92% of a survey by the DMA agreed
11:1% B2B results indicating an 11:1 ROI.

Set and validate appointments

So many businesses rely on appointments to convert prospects and renew contracts. Having a highly trained field sales team filling diaries makes little sense when those same road warriors can be pitching to receptive ears, blocking competitive efforts and building relationships for renewals.


Share of Wallet is a thing. Start with one deal and grow, penetrating the customer’s available spend through your products and services. Share of Wallet means profit and makes it more difficult for competitors to edge you out….but it means that you need a smart lead generation team at the front end who get your road warriors in at the right time to see qualified opportunities. Don’t ask the wrong people to do the wrong job.

Build market & competitive intelligence

Just how well do you know your customers, your prospects and your competition? Can you develop and pitch the right messaging consistently, or is it a case of ‘one campaign fits all’? In fact, how big is your Addressable Market? Are you able to expand into adjacent markets with your current products, or do you need to verticalise your solutions?


Intelligence means better decisions, less error and more success. It means speed to market and delivering customer relevance. If you plan to take market share, perhaps it’s worth understanding how much market share is actually available and whether your competitors are going to let you take it easily. Building a campaign to gain customer, prospect, market and competitive intelligence before you refine your business investments will give you the confidence to pursue opportunities where previously it was all about gut-feel.

Discover contract renewal dates & incumbent suppliers

What if you knew the date that a prospect was planning to renew an insurance or services policy? What would that mean to your outbound marketing strategy, your email campaigns and your nurture strategies?


Add in other crucial pieces of intelligence such as who you were up against as the incumbent and suddenly your sales and marketing messages become laser focused and audience relevant.


Logically, your success rates in capturing business would multiply by a factor of 12…as you are not targeting eleven twelfths of your audience at the wrong time of the year. Imagine that – running campaigns to the right people, at the right time with the right differentiated value propositions.

Conduct client preference surveys

New product development can be risky and expensive. Over delivering features or missing them completely expose your business to unnecessary cost, likely launch delay and leaving the door wide open for disruptors to eat your lunch.


Surveys across new product development, customer preferences and even the customer journey reinforce your business decisions with real data. Move from ‘we think’ to ‘prospects are asking for…’ in a short period of time so that you can build data-driven business cases.

Determine customer satisfaction levels

CSAT, NPS. Whatever your terminology, you want to have insight into how your customers perceive your brand, your product and your service.


Talking to your customers gives valuable and tangible insight into your company strengths and weaknesses. Being able to respond to real primary intelligence gives you an advantage and gets you off the back foot. If customers see you implementing changes that they have asked for, then churn falls and retention rates rocket.


Similarly, if you plug a gap which customers kindly identify for you, then you can stop problems, losses and negative brand sentiment in its tracks.

Follow up customer support calls

When a customer logs a support call, it’s a great thing….they are telling you how to improve the usability of your product and highlighting areas where improvements might be considered.


End-of-call management can capture and alter customer perceptions, leaving them with a stronger affinity towards your brand and your service. We call and ask them how the service was delivered, whether they were satisfied and how it could have been better. Feeding that intelligence back to you enables you to consider real competitor differentiation from primary source knowledge.

LinkedIn & Social Media exploitation

A virtual goldmine of information, buying signals and interests are just a few keyboard taps away. But only if you know which keys to tap and what high impact messages to send.


Use our specialist Social skills to complement your profiling and data acquisition to raise the impact of your targeting investment. Sure, shotgun strategies work, but sometimes what is really needed are sniper skills.

Data Compliance

Is your database GDPR compliant? Do you need new contacts? Are you worried about the accuracy of your current prospects? Or perhaps you just need to validate and refresh the records of your entire database. You’re unlikely to have the resources in house to achieve any of these objectives, so let us deliver a cadence of manageable updates or even straight into your CRM.


40% Databases can become obsolete at the astonishing rate of 40% pa.


Under the Data Protection Act you have a legal responsibility to ensure that your data is accurate and, where necessary, is kept up to date. Updating your database helps you comply with the rules, but also benefits you by avoiding wasting resources contacting someone who has ‘gone away’.


With GDPR, it is critical that your data passes a legitimate interest test, with ‘consent’ as one of the most popular. But can you prove consent? Our professional team can work with you to gain consent from those that really want to hear from you, plus our data-cleansing can help extract data from your system and get the cleansed data back in. We can screen customer data against a range of files, including the national change of address file, and register of the deceased.


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